Vision To The Future

GHS is Under Construction!  The School Board approved a Master Facility Plan that will take approximately 10 years to fully implement.  Our Class, GHS '73, has undertaken the goal of replacing the school marquee.  The new electronic board will cost nearly $40,000.00.  Here's a photo and a link to the GHS Construction Live Cam:


Blast from the past!   Vision to the future!


GHS Class of 1973 

Dear Classmates,

I was reading Carl Sandburg’s book Always the Young Strangers and reflecting upon his recollection of time spent in Galesburg (you might want to read this one before the reunion - great memories of each and every street and place he refers to).  In it, his opening poem gives us all words to embrace, words to inspire us, our graduation class, to give back to Galesburg, “Memory is when you look back and the answers float in… to whom? ..what? ..when? ..where?”

As we approach our 40th reunion, I believe we need to give back to our hometown community, something for the High School….Dear Old Galesburg High School….as the song goes.  This building that provides the focus for the teachers to teach, the students to learn; this special dwelling that guided each of us to the places we only dreamed about back then, whether our lives continued down the Purington paver streets, or to other parts of the world.

We were all given the chance to embrace a fair and generous education.  We need to give back to that institution to ensure that future Silver Streaks will have the same or better experiences than we did, GHS Class of 1973.  Let us set the example for all reunions in the future, to give a little bit back to the kids and educators who remain the creators of leaders yet to come!

The Galesburg Public Schools Foundation has been created for everyone to have an opportunity to gift the school.  Specifically, we would write our checks to the GPSF Class of 1973 to be utilized for a new electronic marquee erected in front of the school.  Our Class of 73 would be responsible for this project, and pledges may be made over a three year period of time.  The estimated cost of the marquee project is $40,000.  If we do not raise the entire amount another class can be invited to co-sponsor the project.

Remember, it’s not the size of the gift but the feeling you get when you know you’ve helped generations of GHS teachers and students for years to come that counts.  Give what you can.  If 200 classmates each give $200 we would easily make our goal.  Some will give more and some will give less, all in all, I believe our objective to be achievable. 

I am looking forward to visiting each and every one of you, soon, to relive some of those great GHS moments!  

Attached is a form to complete for your pledge. Please contact me if you have any questions:  214.202.4712 or email me:

Closing with Sandburg’s poem, “...and proceeding again to reconstruct what happened and how, the many little involved answers to whom? What? When? Where? And more involved than any how? how?”

Best Regards,

Peter Anderson

Vice President – Class of 1973


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